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Growing demand

In recent years, the increased humanization of pets, the focus on sustainability and ingredients with health-related benefits in animals have resulted in a growing demand for pet food, especially at the global market comprising developed countries.

Fish meal and fish oil are important ingredients in pet food due to the content of easily digested proteins, healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Combined with the growing demand for feed, the future seems bright for this business area.


Emerging markets

Today, North America is by far the largest pet food market and is expected to remain the largest together with markets such as Brazil and Japan.
10 Fastest Growing Markets


Up until 2015, countries such as India, Russia, Turkey and Poland are expected to account for the largest growth rate. Furthermore, this segment has the potential for further growth on a global scale, and additional market shares could be won in the Eastern European countries, the Middle East and China, among others.



The TripleNine Group – the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe

As the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe and of one the largest on a global scale, this is the core competency of all the companies within the group. With sustainable fishing as a starting point, the resources used originate from the various seas all over the world with a natural and abundant occurrence of the raw produce.

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