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A growing demand for fish and shellfish

While the natural fish resources for consumption is decreasing in the seas worldwide, the global demand for fish and shellfish is expected to increase in line with population growth. Consequently, aquaculture (also known as aquafarming), which aims at breeding specific species of fish in great demand such as trout, salmon and carp, becomes increasingly important.


Essential animal feed ingredient – great growth potential

Fish meal and fish oil are essential ingredients in animal feed for the aquaculture segment due to the content of easily digested proteins, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and important vitamins and minerals. As a result, the demand for this product will increase in future even if the inclusion rate were to decrease. This entails a great growth potential for the companies of the TripleNine Group as a large number of the products offered by the companies are in fact aimed at the aquacultural segment.
A change in the fish oil consumption from hydro-generated fat for aquaculture and direct human consumption from 1960 to 2010:


Aendret Brug Af Fiskeolie Eng

(Source:Is aquaculture growth putting pressure on feed fish stocks?...IFFO, februar 2013)


The TripleNine Group – the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe

As the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe and of one the largest on a global scale, this is the core competency of all the companies within the group. With sustainable fishing as a starting point, the resources used originate from the various seas all over the world with a natural and abundant occurrence of the raw produce.

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