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Increasing population growth – many challenges

From 2009 and up until 2050, the global population is expected to increase by more than a third, and this growth is expected to mainly affect the developing countries. This requires an increase in food production with an increasingly smaller workforce in the agricultural sector.
With a global population of 9.1 billion people in 2050, forecasts predict that the general food production is required to increase by approximately 70% from 2007 and onwards.



Population Growth

(Source: www.FAO.org, Global Agriculture towards 2050)


Good growth potential for high quality animal feed

Fish meal is a particularly important ingredient in feed for farm animals, especially piglets, due to the high content of essential nutrients such as amino acids and other fatty acids as well as the high energy value of fish meal. Several studies document effects such as improved feed intake, growth etc. in cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry (Source: Feedipedia.org)

Due to the high omega-3 content in fish meal, it is a natural “functional animal feed”, which contributes to good animal health. Moreover, humans benefit from products produced from farm animals fed on feed containing fish meal, also known as “functional feed” (Source: IFFO.net)


The TripleNine Group – the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe

As the largest manufacturer of fish meal and fish oil in Europe and of one the largest on a global scale, this is the core competency of all the companies within the group. With sustainable fishing as a starting point, the resources used originate from the various seas all over the world with a natural and abundant occurrence of the raw produce.

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