Customer driven innovation

Innovation is a key factor at TripleNine. With an increased global focus on the functional aspects of animal feed, it is important for us to stay ahead of the competition - in order for our customers to do the same. No aspect is too complicated or, for that matter, too simple to explore.

This is why we do not merely rely on our own expertise and ideas, but we also make sure that customer-driven innovation is at the forefront of our concern. To us, the input and feedback we receive from customers who are working hands-on with proteins is invaluable to us for the development of new value-added product solutions.

What is more, the involvement of customers in various stages of an innovation process pays off. TripleNine continues to be widely recognised for delivering key essential products. In the development of customised solutions, we encourage a close partnership with our customers throughout the entire process - from the initial ideas for prototype developments to the final production tests, or in our testing facilities.