Investor relations

Below please find some information that could be of interest, if you are an investor in TripleNine or are considering it:



Vedde Merger Is Fact of Life Per Early June


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TripleNine Group CFO

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News from TripleNine's Annual General Meeting

A Surprisingly Satisfactory Result

TripleNine Became Limited Company - New Board of Directors

Merger Means Greater Security for Production In Denmark

Political Headwind.


Why we are merging


"The merger of the two companies is part of our plan to contribute to the consolidation of the industry worldwide, not only regionally," says TripleNine's CEO Christian Bisgaard.

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What does it mean for the cooperative members when TripleNine becomes a limited company?


Chairman Anker Mejnertz, TripleNine a.m.b.a. sheds light on some of the issues relevant to the members.

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TripleNine merges with Norwegian Koppernæs


The new company will have factories in Norway, Denmark and Chile and will end up owning 50% of shares in the Norwegian trading company Norsildmel AS.

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We desire the greatest possible freedom of action


Chairman of the board, Anker Mejnertz, wishes to future-proof the company in connection with TripleNine's conversion into a joint stock company on 1 November this year.


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Members of the co-operative society will soon become shareholders


- This will indeed impose new demands on the management of the company and also put the previous members of the co-operative society in a completely new situation, states CEO Christian Bisgaard.


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TripleNine shows a profit of 49 million Kroner


And the group's equity capital now exceeds 212 million kroner.

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TripleNine enters into joint venture for the production of fishmeal and fish oil in China

This is the result of a visit to TripleNine by six representatives of DBN, TripleNine's new customer in China.

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Great interest in owning part of the share capital

TripleNine has sent letters to its shareholders asking them to report which persons on the basis of the individual vessel's landings have earned share interests in the new limited company TripleNine A/S, which will become a reality on 1 January 2013.


This has resulted in many responses and probably also contributed to increased interest in owning part of the company's share capital.


Managing Director Christian Bisgaard reports that TripleNine has got six new shareholders, who are still able to earn a share interest based on their vessel's landings in 2011 and 2012, as 20 per cent of the company's equity will be distributed each year.


- It also demonstrates great faith in TripleNine's earning power, says Christian Bisgaard, who emphasises that it is not too late for new shareholders to benefit from the scheme.


Equity almost doubled over three years


TripleNine Fish Protein a.m.b.a. has increased its equity from DKK 102 million at the end of 2007 to DKK 188 million at the end of the 2009/10 fiscas year.


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Worthwhile being a shareholder


TripleNine has changed its settlement policy in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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Limited company without restrictions


At the ordinary general assembly of TripleNine FishProtein a.m.b.a. in December 2010, the shareholders were presented with a proposal for the structure of the future limited company.


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