Below you will find the primary events in the history of 999 from present time back to the beginning:



Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. and Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri (TAF) are merged to become TripleNine a.m.b.a. The name comes from the very first telephone number (999) used by Andelssildeoliefabrikken a.m.b.a. when it was established back in 1948.


Hvidesande Fiskemelsfabrik (HVISA) is acquired by Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a


Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. is established as a merger of Andelssildeoliefabrikken a.m.b.a. and Vestjysk Fiskemelsfabrik a.m.b.a. to become the only fishmeal factory left in Esbjerg.


A/S Vestjysk Sildeolieindustri (VSI) and Vesterhavet A/S are merged into Vestjysk Fiskemelsfabrik a.m.b.a. as part of ongoing consolidations within the industry.


Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri (TAF) acquire Rønland.


Yet another fishmeal factory, Vesterhavet A/S is established in Esbjerg to meet the steadily growing demand.


Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri (TAF) is established on the location where today you can find the main production facilities of TripleNine. In the same year the fishmeal factory Rønland is established in a little outside Thyborøn.


A/S Vestjysk Sildeolieindustri (VSI) is also established in Esbjerg as a part of a fast growing industry. Similar businesses are now established in several places along the West coast of Denmark.


As the first of its kind in Esbjerg, Andelssildeoliefabrikken a.m.b.a. is established in January of 1948 by 52 local Esbjerg fishermen. Its first telephone number is 999.