At TripleNine, fishing is regulated by internationally accepted quotas and controlled by national authorities. This ensures that TripleNine uses only raw materials from sustainable fishing. The catches are mainly from the North Sea and also the Baltic Sea. At our production facility, TripleNine offers 24-hour service and the best possible opportunities for local and foreign fishing vessels to land their industrial fish catches.

Naturally, fishermen and TripleNine have a common interest in managing fishing in a way that secures plenty of fish for future generations. In other words, the fishing for raw material must be sustainable and in accordance with FAO and ICES requirements for sustainability.

Over the past 60 years, TripleNine has caught different species of fish for the production of fish meal and fish oil. Our primary catches are sand eel, sprat and Norway Pout, species not utilised for direct human consumption. An important source of highly digestible proteins, healthy omega 3 fatty acids, essential minerals and vitamins, such fish are used and valued as efficient ingredients in nutritional and functional feed for aquaculture, agriculture and pets.