TripleNine aims to be the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible fish meal and fish oil factory. Our ISO 16001 and ISO 14001 certificates are proof that TripleNine is working systematically on saving energy and protecting the environment.

The basis of TripleNine's environmental policy is to reduce the effect of the factory on its surroundings as far as technologically and economically possible.

Intermediate aim:

  • To ensure a positive reputation for TripleNine in environmental issues.
  • To minimise the factory's effect on the environment through directed development.
  • To ensure that the company is seen to address the environmental concerns raised by the local authorities.

To ensure that all employees are aware of the need to protect the environment. TripleNine's aim is to be the most energy-efficient fishmeal and oil factory, taking into consideration both the quality of the product and the demands made to the internal and external environment, as far as it is technologically and economically possible.

Intermediate aim:

  • To be regarded as an energy-efficient and environmentally concerned company.
  • To constantly reduce the company's energy consumption.
  • To actively revise energy consumption.

TripleNine prepares every year an Environment  Report with information about the company's energy consumption and its influence on the environment.


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